Leserblogs = Profit (oder auch nicht)

Auf Online Journalism Review lässt man mal richtig Dampf ab über Citizen Journalism und liefert das Zitat der Woche.

One might think that thousands of failed newspaper dot-com discussion boards from the 1990s would have taught the everyone in the industry that "if you build it, and don't staff it, at best, a few wackos will show." But some managers and investors continue to cling to a new media business model that reads like something written by the "South Park" underpants gnomes:

Step 1. Install discussion/blog software.
Step 2. ???
Step 3. Profit!

Perhaps this frenzy to create a "reporterless" news publication is simply the logical extension of the disdain that many in news management have had for employing actual journalists over past decades. It's the ultimate Wall Street fantasy – a newspaper without reporters.

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